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Semantic data annotation by Stealth
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For Scientists

Scientists predominantly use spreadsheets for collecting and sharing their data. We recognise this with RightField, and it was the main motivation behind creating it. Scientists using RightField enabled spreadsheet templates can continue to work without changing their practices, and use the same tools they are familiar with.

The templates created by RightField are standard vanilla Excel spreadsheets (no special plugins or macros required). The templates can be shared, edited, and reused just like any other spreadsheets. Scientists using the templates never need to be aware of semantic technologies or the ontologies used, or even that they were created using RightField.

For Template Builders

Data collectors use RightField to generate Excel spreadsheet templates embedded with Ontologies or SKOS vocabularies. Cells can be restricted to use standard controlled vocabularies related to the particular research area, and/or can be marked up to indicate their meaning.

These templates can then be distributed and shared amongst scientists, and later collect the data and annotations as either RDF or using a CSV format.

The semantic information, and its provenance, is all held within the generated template and does not require additional mappings or files to be created and stored for later extraction.

RightField in action

If you would prefer not to watch a video, then you can refer to our User Guide to see some screenshots and a short walkthrough using RightField.

You should also read our About page for a general overview of what RightField is and how it can help you.