Other Systems


OntoMaton is a web-based spreadsheet annotation tool that is built upon Google Docs to generate ontology based annotations within Google Docs spreadsheets. It therefore allows users to share their data with collaborators “in the cloud”. This means that OntoMaton can only be used online. Rightfield uses standard Excel spreadsheets, allowing editing, local storage and working offline. Any RightField-enabled spreadsheets can be shared freely with collaborators and opened in Excel or OpenOffice, removing the need for collaborators to even have RightField installed on their machine.


DataUp is a data annotation tool that allows annotations using the Ecological Metadata Language (EML). For users of Windows operating systems, it can be installed as an extension to Excel. For users of Mac or Linux operating systems, only an online version is available. RightField offers users a wider range of ontologies for annotation making it a much more general use tool. In addition, RightField can be installed easily on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Any annotated spreadsheets from RightField can be saved in Excel formats and can be shared with collaborators without the need for web access or specialist software.